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A n- ber of challenging control problems on the forefront of today's research in robotics and automation are covered, with special emphasis on vision.
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Safety issues are discussed and treated as part of Abstract: Mankind has continued challenging to the universe with curiosity since mids, and, as a result, the mankind could step on the moon and launch the satellites and exploration robots to several planets including Mars to collect desired information. The interests Abstract: Parallel robots have been in existence since the first half of the 20th century. Applications of parallel robots have ranged from tire testing machines to robots for performing surgery.

The high load-to-weight ratio and high stiffness of parallel mechanisms sets them apart from more common serial robots. This presentation will Abstract: The paper presents some aspects related to the passive and active protection of the buildings. It is well know that Stewart platform is a mechanism with six degrees of freedom. This main property leads to the idea of its utilization in order to simulate fully the movements of earthquakes.

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Abstract: In this paper a novel application is presented for a parallel manipulator to be used as an earthquake motion simulator. The rigid body acceleration linear acceleration, angular velocity and acceleration has been experimentally Abstract: Alduro is a four-legged walking robot. Its main goal is to operate in rugged terrain, translating the cartesian operator commands joystick into actuator space by coor- dinating the legs according to the users wish. At the same time static stability has to be guaranteed, obstacles have to be avoided and the posture of the main Abstract: There has been always a workspace problem with parallel mechanisms.

We have proposed a parallel mechanism with linear passive joints to adjust link length. This parallel mechanism can have different workspaces by adjusting link length. When these workspaces are combined, it has larger workspace. We have tried to control the Abstract: The paper presents the formulation of general approach to construction of structural models for elastic manipulators, which can be presented in the form of collection of connected in series bodies experiencing elastic deformation, and suggests the methods of changing over to such structure.

The paper describes in detail the method of constructing mathematical models Abstract: Automation within the range of handling and assembly applications requires qualified solutions due to the complex technological processes. The long-term goals are the reduction of cycle time and an increase of the process quality. They can be achieved by innovative concepts which are based on parallel kinematics, realizing higher speeds and accelerations with constant accuracy compared Abstract: A wide family of parallel manipulators PMs is the one that groups all the PMs with three legs where the legs become kinematic chains constituted of a passive spherical pair S in series with either a passive prismatic pair P or a passive revolute pair R when the actuators are locked.

The topologies of the Abstract: Spatial parallel mechanisms SPMs become parallel structures when the actuators are locked. Parallel structures are constituted by two rigid bodies platform and base connected by a number of kinematic chains legs with only passive kinematic pairs. Such structures have three legs: one Abstract: The main purpose of tunnel ventilation system is to maintain CO pollutant concentration and VI visibility index under an adequate level to provide drivers with comfortable and safe driving environment. Moreover, it is necessary to minimize power consumption used to operate ventilation system.

To achieve these purposes, FLC fuzzy logic controller has been usually utilized because Abstract: Digital inclinometers are used in geotechnical engineering to monitor lateral deformations of excavation walls, retaining walls, embankments and landslide areas. Current conventional slope inclination measurement requires a person to manually lower a probe into a grooved casing and record inclination at prescribed intervals as the probe is drawn upwards.

Developing an automated inclinometer system would enable continuous Previous work has primarily focused on terrestrial LADAR scanning for applications such as terrain characterization, earthmoving analysis, and targeted object localization.

Abstract: In this paper we present a feasible Home Automation System scenario based on a very cheap distributed microcontroller architecture, rather than on devices interconnected by an expensive commercial bus. Abstract: In this paper, the authors explained the overview of data sampling method for development of a location system for workers using RFID technology. Abstract: Recently, the demand for sensor technology has increased remarkably in all industrial fields.

Sensor technology is closely related to cutting-edge technologies such as semiconductor technology and minute structure building technology, and thus, the high demand for small and light devices with high performance provides the impetus for conducting studies in order to develop sensors with much Abstract: Cement production is an energy intensive process that consumes a significant portion of world energy.

Significant optimization of the traditional cement grinding process can be achieved. Control system, automation and monitoring software assure means of improving the efficiency of the technological flow and of optimizing the energy consumption in Casial Cement Plant. Abstract: In buildings, windows and glazed facades are often the weak link in protecting the interior from exterior noise.

Since passive means for improving the Sound Transmission Loss STL of glazed facades are very expensive and are effective only at high frequencies, an active controller that increases the STL in the low frequency range is an Abstract: Predicting the environment people will be living in during the next millennium is not easy task, even at all possible. Film makers continually portray baffling urban decay where chaos takes over amidst convulsive and apparently uncontrollable growth. Abstract: The fast improvement and the latest years cost decrease of digital cameras allow the use of photogrammetic solutions for 3D modelling, even in not specialized companies.

Abstract: This paper describes a research effort directed to produce methods to model three-dimensional scenes of construction field objects in real-time that adds valuable data to construction information management systems, as well as equipment navigation systems. For efficiency reasons, typical construction objects are modeled by bounding surfaces using a high-frame rate range sensor, called Flash LADAR. Abstract: A photograph always makes an image of objects as they are without any alteration, so that a photograph is recognized as highly accurate information.

Thus the photograph has been widely used as a record of site, routine work particularly for construction control and inspection. As a characteristic of photograph, the point of view for a photo Abstract: Automated construction is in high demand in many applications in the extreme environments such as space structure construction. In order to avoid exposure of human workers, construction machines are usually remote-controlled for such applications.

Because of communication delay and narrow communication bandwidth, such systems require high-level expertise and also are ineffective and frustrating to the operators. Abstract: The recomposition of fragments is a challenging task that must exploit all the available information about fragments and the whole skill of human operators.

A new approach to the recomposition of fragmented artworks is presented. It has being developed working on the problem of recomposing the St. Matthew fresco, painted by Cimabue in the Upper Abstract: Accurate analyses of equipment idle time is crucial for the efficient utilization of construction equipment in a large construction project. The less idle time the equipment has, the higher productivity the construction can achieve.

However, it is not practical to measure construction equipment idle time by human visual observation. Abstract: The role and benefits of visualization in street and bridge design is introduced and evaluated on account of real experiments in some Finnish design projects. New 3-D design methods and CAD tools offer total new possibilities for cooperative design as well as concurrent design.

Abstract: Some recent experiences of integrated analyses based on the use of 3D laser scanning and related 3D models will be presented. In the first place the idea of a 3D model as a multipurpose virtual database will be focused in relation to specific case studies where the contributions of surveyors, historians, engineers and restorers are Abstract: Attachments and their controls can be connected to hydraulic mobile machines in different ways. The traditional approach is to install hydraulic valves of the attachment close to the operator.

Thereby levers of the valves can be reached from the operator seat. This, however, restricts the size and number of the Abstract: A small general-purpose teleoperated hydraulic mobile machine is studied at the Institute of Hydraulics and Automation at the Tampere University of Technology. The boom and the bucket of the machine are normally controlled with a joystick. Horizontal movement of the joystick controls the bucket and vertical movement controls the boom. Abstract: Pollution control and landfill remediation are urgent incumbents, and robot technology is effective means to supply safe and worthy solutions, on condition to figure out reliable task-oriented architectures and to enable remote-steered duty cycles by implementing the appropriate software-hardware information aids.

The paper presents a noteworthy example achievement, specially addressing Abstract: Hydraulic excavators have been popular devices in construction field because of its multi-workings and economic efficiency. The mathematical models of excavators have many nonlinearities because of nonlinear opening characteristics and dead zone of main control valve, oil temperature variation, etc.

Actual test is needed when new component or control algorithm is developed but many restrictions exist. Abstract: The efficient and unerring development of sophisticated manipulation machinery strongly relies on the efficient use of CAE Computer Aided Engineering methods. Meanwhile these methods more and more spread into areas, which have been so far domains of so called VR Virtual Reality. This encompasses the design aspect as well as the simulation of an already defined Abstract: The paper deals with the consolidation of rocky slopes and walls and proposes enhanced automation and original solution to avoid risky undertakings, when firming-up is accomplished to safeguard peopled areas, highways, dwelling houses or public works.

The topic shows growing environmental concern, aiming at removing human operators, unless, possibly, for preliminary in-site set-ups. The prospected solution Abstract: The paper proposes a new highly automated drilling system able to create holes up to 20 m depth in rocky walls using standard 1. The drilling system, to be used to automate rocky walls consolidation, has to be positioned in the points of the map earlier defined by the geologist; for Abstract: During the eighties, the construction industry in Japan was in trouble. The image was bad, too many fatal accidents happened on the construction sites and craftsmen preferred to work in other industries.

In addition, the space for constructing high-rise buildings was minimal, especially in the big cities. This is why in the nineties, the leading Abstract: The design style form, is the different current thought and the local characteristic, the penetration idea but gradually develops into has the representative design form. One kind of typical style form usually is and the local humanities factor and the natural condition close correlation also must have in the creation the idea and the model Abstract: What are the considerations when opting for high-rise building?

What construction techniques for the logistics are applied in Europe?

Robotic vision control

What ecological innovations are applied? What are the technical conditions for combined use of high-rise building seen from a vertical point of view? What are the differences in technical aspects of high-rise construction in the world? Abstract: Tensegrity is a technology that can be applied to structures and its use can influence the construction time efficiency and project management in general. A significant drawback for a systematic application of tensegrity structures in the construction industry is the particularly complex geometry that engineers and architects have to generate in a two or three dimensional The current state-of-the-art in building procedures must be improved, according to the dynamism of economic, social and technological factors that greatly affect Abstract: The paper examines the economy and benefits of 3-D design method in concrete bridge engineering.

New 3-D CAD design tools and 3-D measurement methods were developed and tested in the several real bridge construction projects in Finland during The paper describes these observations and suggests some conclusions for future Abstract: Information technology can be generally understood as techniques and methods needed for creating, processing, refining, transferring and utilizing information through different working processes of construction.

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For managing information process different measurement, software, modeling, information communication as well as numeric control technologies are needed on the operational level. A visionary model of automated total process Abstract: This paper deals with fully automating the pavement lane painting operations utilizing robotic technology.

This study includes a novel design of robot structure that can be easily installed on support commercial truck and image processing algorithms that can recognize deteriorated lane marks. With this robot system, a single operator within a cab is capable of Abstract: this work simulation and implementation of the locomotion control of a single sliding suction cup robot, named Alicia3, is described. The main purpose of this kind of system is to explore vertical walls to search for potential damages or problems on oil tanks or dams. By using this system as carrier, it will be possible Abstract: This paper addresses some control issues of a robotic amphibious vehicle that can serve as a general framework for automation of tractors used in construction.

Simulation and real-time results to date are presented. Abstract: Quality management of the construction process is finding its way into the construction industry and authorities. Abstract: Automation in construction is one of the important issues in the field of robotics, but is distinct from factory automation FA.

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Because of variations in materials and management, the role of automation in construction is often limited. A curtain wall is a large, heavy breakable object and requires precision installation, making it a better candidate Abstract: Inspection robots are used in many fields of industry. One application is monitoring the inside of the pipes and channels, recognizing and solving problems through the interior of pipes or channels. This ability is necessary especially when one should inspect an underground pipe. In addition, many sensors are used on these robots to improve the Abstract: one of the most important requirements in repairing and maintaining of pipelines is the ability to monitor and evaluate the pipes interior.

This work deals with the design and prototyping of an apparatus to traverse piping systems for inspection, cleaning and or examination of the piping systems. The presentation and discussion will range from modeling of hysteresis, to the design of corresponding control schemes, especially in the absence of complete information concerning the system model and state. The talk is designed to appeal to an audience from different backgrounds. People working in the area of control will have a chance to interchange ideas and to view problems from different perspectives.

Toyomi Fujita have received his Ph. His research interests include robotics, robot vision, and human interface. Speech Abstract --Recently, it is highly expected that robots work in a dangerous site such as disaster area instead of human. Working ability are required for such robots as well as moving ability. For these abilities, the robot that has both tracked mobile unit and multiple working arm units would be effective.

Our research group has developed tracked mobile robots with multiple manipulation arms based on this consideration. This type of robot can perform a variety of tasks with object handling such as transportation. To reduce burden of remote control on an operator for such transportation tasks, a method for autonomous gripping and carrying of a polyhedron shaped object has been considered based on plane detection. In this method, the robot can calculate its gripping position of the target object and the joint angles of working arms when gripping by detecting the planar part of the object.

The robot can also calculate appropriate observation positions for the detection. This talk will introduce the method and its application to a quadruped tracked robot. Some experimental results for an autonomous gripping and carrying will demonstrate the validity of presented method and high working ability of this type of robot. Should you have any questions about the submission, please feel free to contact us at icrca young.

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We talk about how to solve climate change. What output from nature do we want and desire? If we could agree on those things, we could put systems in place for optimizing our environment accordingly. Instead we have this scattered approach, where we try for local optimization. But the sum of local optimizations is never a global optimization. Many of the proposed applications involve better monitoring of human and natural systems, as well as modeling applications that would enable better predictions and more efficient use of natural resources.

And more importantly: What should be there? On land, the data is really only interesting for the first few hundred feet. Whereas in the ocean, the depth dimension is really important. We need a planet with sensors, with roving agents, with remote sensing. Some of them are clear, some are still opaque to me.

Some of the projects that AI for Earth has funded seem to fit that desire. Examples include SilviaTerra , which used satellite imagery and AI to create a map of the 92 billion trees in forested areas across the United States. Platforms like Wildbook and iNaturalist enable citizen scientists to upload pictures of animals and plants, aiding conservation efforts and research on biodiversity. Video Friday is your weekly selection of awesome robotics videos, collected by your Automaton bloggers.

Let us know if you have suggestions for next week, and enjoy today's videos. We got a sneak peek of a new version of ANYmal equipped with actuated wheels for feet at the DARPA SubT Challenge, where it did surprisingly well at quickly and mostly robustly navigating some very tricky terrain. And when you're not expecting it to travel through a muddy, rocky, and dark tunnel, it looks even more capable:. By design, the actuator has chambers, or air bladders, that expand and compress based on the amount of air in them.

This passively triggered robotic hand is startlingly fast, and seems almost predatory when it grabs stuff, especially once they fit it onto a drone. Autonomous vehicles seem like a recent thing, but CMU has been working on them since the mid s. The Buddy Arduino social robot kit is now live on Kickstarter, and you can pledge for one of these little dudes for 49 bucks. Mobile manipulation robots have high potential to support rescue forces in disaster-response missions. Despite the difficulties imposed by real-world scenarios, robots are promising to perform mission tasks from a safe distance.

In the CENTAURO project, we developed a disaster-response system which consists of the highly flexible Centauro robot and suitable control interfaces including an immersive telepresence suit and support-operator controls on different levels of autonomy. The goal of the Dronument project is to create an aerial platform enabling interior and exterior documentation of heritage sites. Avast ye! No hornswaggling, lick-spittlering, or run-rigging over here - Only serious tech for devs.

All hands hoay to check out Misty's capabilities and to build your own skills with plenty of heave ho! International Talk Like a Pirate Day was yesterday, but I'm sure nobody will look at you funny if you keep at it today too.